• Diamondback Cocktail

    The Diamondback cocktail first appeared in Ted Saucier's book Bottom's Up, published in 1951. Created at the Diamondback Lounge once located in the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. The lounge & cocktail were named after the Diamondback terrapin turtle. This turtle species is very common to the east coast and is the Maryland state reptile and the University of Maryland's mascot.

    The Diamondback consists of Rye whiskey, Calvados, and Yellow Chartreuse. It has lovely herbaceous notes and slight sweetness from the Chartreuse. The rye brings the spiciness, and the apple brandy helps balance everything. It's a fantastic cocktail for Chartreuse lovers, as it's the star in this classic.

    - Tiffany Glidden 

  • Cozy Patio

    We have a cozy covered and heated patio! We also have some warm drinks like Vin chaud and Hot Toddies for these cold months. 


  • Happy Hour.

    Join us on the patio for Happy Hour Mon-Thurs 4pm-6pm


  • Hotel Nacional Cocktail

    The Hotel Nacional Cocktail originates from the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba. It was created sometime around 1933 when the hotel opened. But was not printed in a cocktail book until 1939 in Charles H. Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion. It features rum, apricot brandy, lime juice, and pineapple juice. It’s nicely balanced with light sweetness and fresh brightness.

    - Tiffany Glidden 

    Photo Credit: @michelevenlee via instagram 



  • Gin Martini's

    I recently asked the Angel Face Bartenders a very important question.....“ If you could have any cocktail right now, what would it be?” And as expected, it was a Gin Martini, made in all the specific ways each of us likes to drink one or two. That’s the wonderful thing about the Martini. It can be made in so many unique and personal ways. Dry, Sweet, Dirty, Floral... the list goes on.

    Martini Recipe:

    2.5oz Plymouth Gin
    .25 oz Carpano Bianco Vermouth 
    2 dash orange bitters
    Stir & garnish with lemon peel 

    Cheers Everyone! - Tiffany Glidden 

  • Salers Aperitif

    Salers is one of our favorite aperitifs to sip on or mix in to a cocktail. It has beautiful vegetal, earthy, bitter and floral notes. It’s wonderful to drink on the rocks with a twist & it also makes an amazing spritz!

    A little backstory: The Salers distillery was established in 1885 and is the oldest of all the producers to distill a gentian root liqueur. It is based in the town of Salers, not far from the Puy Marie. Salers Gentiane Aperitif is made specifically from the root of Gentiane lutea. Gentiane is a wild flowering plant that is grown and hand-harvested on the high altitude volcanic slopes of Auvergne.

    Be Well Everyone! - Tiffany Glidden


  • Vintage French & Japanese Cocktail Books

    Currently looking through vintage cocktail books from all over the world! It’s amazing to find the classics we love printed inside like the Martinez and the Brooklyn. Excited to try some of the other recipes in these books!

    1944 Comment Préparer Chez Soi 250 Boissons, France

    1933 Odell’s Book of Cocktails & Fancy Drinks, Japan

     -Tiffany Glidden 

  • Hanky Panky Cocktail


    The Hanky Panky, simple and beautifully balanced. Consisting of equal parts gin and sweet vermouth (we like carpano antica) with just a touch of fernet branca. Finished with an orange peel. Created by Ada “Coley” Coleman around 1903 for actor Sir Charles Hawtrey at the Savoy Hotel in London. The cocktail was first printed in The Savoy Cocktail Book (pictured above) in 1930.  At Angel Face we like to make this cocktail for someone who would like a spirit forward cocktail that is “vermouth heavy” with a bit of bitterness. Thanks Ada Coleman! 

    -Tiffany Glidden 

  • Classic Cocktail News!

    Hi! I’m Tiffany Glidden, the bar manager at Angel Face. I thought this would be a good time to start sharing a bit of the history behind the classics we love making at Angel Face and some of our personal favorites. Also things we have been researching or that we’re curious about. Excited to share with everyone! Stay tuned.

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    1859 Oregon Magazine